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Introducing the new DOJ Grants Management and Payment Management Systems

In October 2020, the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office), the Office of Justice Programs (OJP), and the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) will launch a new grants management and a new payment management system.

As technology advances and business evolves, grants management systems evolve as well.  The COPS Office, OJP, and OVW have identified numerous opportunities to modernize their grant making systems with an eye toward increased efficiency, enhanced data availability and analysis, and leveraging shared services where possible.

To modernize and improve the functionality of the grants management system, JustGrants will replace OJP and OVW’s current Grants Management System (GMS), as well as the NexGen system used by the COPS Office. JustGrants will be released incrementally, with the first release scheduled for October 15, 2020, and ongoing, iterative releases from that point forward. JustGrants will support all necessary functionalities to carry out grants management work in the initial release.

Concurrently, the COPS Office, OJP, and OVW will all transition from using the Grants Payment Request System (GPRS) to using the Department of the Treasury’s Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP).

The upcoming transition to JustGrants and ASAP represents a significant IT modernization effort to develop and implement a single grants management system for all three DOJ grant making components which will:

  • Offer streamlined end-to-end processes, allowing applicants and grantees to move seamlessly through the full grants management lifecycle.
  • Leverage a shared service payment system to simplify the federal grantee payment user experience and expedite payments.

What is JustGrants?

JustGrants is a streamlined, end-to-end grants management system which will provide applicants and grantees with an improved user experience throughout key parts of the grants management lifecycle.  

JustGrants will offer applicants and grantees the following benefits:

  • Efficient processes which allow applicants and grantees to track their progress and enter data directly into the system.
  • Improved access to and accuracy of data through data validation and reporting tools.
  • Organizational profiles offering increased visibility for applicant and grantee organizations into all of their grants and applications across DOJ.
  • Enhanced automation and availability of electronic forms, reducing the need for uploading attachments and manual data entry.

JustGrants will support all necessary functionalities to carry out grants management work when it launches in October, and it will continue to evolve and improve over time.  Moving forward, DOJ will continue to enhance the system’s functionality to bring even more benefits to applicants, grant recipients, and DOJ personnel. 

What is ASAP?

The Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP) is a shared service provided by the Department of the Treasury, which will replace the Grants Payment Request System (GPRS) for grant payments.  ASAP allows organizations receiving federal funding to draw funds securely through pre-authorized accounts established by the agency issuing the payment.                    

ASAP offers DOJ grantees numerous benefits, including:

  • No fees for recipient organizations or payment requestors to use the system.
  • Easy online access to recipient accounts, where recipients can view current balances, account history, and status of payments.
  • Faster payment processing times, including same or next day payment options.
  • Self-service banking for recipients through the ability to request and receive payments online.
  • Enhanced security and efficiency via the replacement of manual processes with secure electronic ones.
  • Electronic funding return options which replace time consuming and costly paper returns.

Additionally, since ASAP is used by many U.S. government agencies, funding recipients can leverage their single ASAP profile to access funds from a range of potential agencies which saves them time in creating new accounts and learning new systems.

To learn more about ASAP, please visit www.ASAP.gov or www.Fiscal.Treasury.gov/ASAP.