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Training: Entity Management


Key Audience: Entity Administrators

The Entity Administrator is a key role, and every entity must have one. The following training and reference materials will help Entity Administrators manage their entity information, users, and documents. Get a quick start managing your entity with the Entity Administrator's Checklist or access the Entity Management Job Aid Reference Guide for detailed instructions, which are also broken out below. 


Access these resources to learn about entity management. 

What Is an Entity?

Defines individual entity and organizational entities.

Systems Used for Entity Management: SAM.gov, DIAMD, JustGrants

Explains each of the three federal systems used for entity management. 

Entity Management Key Points

Every entity must always have one designated Entity Administrator, and this resource summarizes their key tasks.

JustGrants Roles

Describes the six JustGrants user roles. 

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOP) Roles

Outlines the four EEOP roles. 

Entity Management Video

Weekly Training Webinars

Register for an Entity Management Training webinar.

Frequently Asked Questions 

View answers to frequently asked questions.

Note: This content is only relevant to entities that are new to JustGrants. 

Initial Entity Onboarding: Key Points 

Describes how entities new to JustGrants onboard into the system for the first time during the application submission process. 

Chart: Initial Entity Onboarding During Application Submission

Illustrates the entity onboarding process and breaks down the steps to successfully complete the process.

Entity user management is performed in two intersecting DOJ systems: DIAMD and JustGrants.

Entity User Management Key Points

Explains the distinction between the two DOJ systems, breaking down the related sequence of events.

Overview: Inviting New Entity Users to JustGrants

Provides a visual guide through the process of successfully adding new entity users. 

Digital Identity and Access Management Directory (DIAMD) is DOJ's secure user management system. It is where the Entity Administrator identifies who should be an entity user and what roles that user should possess, enabling those users to log in and take actions in the JustGrants and EEOP systems. 

Overview: Entity Administrator Actions in DIAMD

Describes the specific actions that the Entity Administrator can take in DIAMD. 

Overview: Change Entity Administrator

Outlines the key points to consider for Entity Administrator changes. 

Planned Changes

Demonstrates how the current Entity Administrator reassigns their role in DIAMD. 

Unplanned Changes

  • Details steps an entity must take when the current Entity Administrator is no longer available. 
  • Unplanned Entity Administrator changes require help from JustGrants User Support. If the Entity Administrator is no longer with your organization, please contact JustGrants User Support for assistance.  

Invite Entity Users

Presents the steps required for Entity Administrators to take within DIAMD to invite entity users. 

Re-invite Entity Users

Describes when an Entity Administrator can re-invite entity users (e.g., user forgot password, user's account disabled) and the steps needed to complete the process.

Overview: Add/Remove Roles From Entity Users 

Summarizes Entity Administrator's considerations and steps for adding and removing roles for users in DIAMD.

Overview: Remove User From Entity 

Demonstrates the two options that Entity Administrators have for removing entity users from their entity in DIAMD.  

Related FAQs

Once an entity user has been assigned roles in DIAMD and then successfully logs in to JustGrants, the user will display as an "Entity User" in JustGrants. The Entity Administrator will then be able to assign that user directly to applications and awards. 

Assign/Reassign Entity Users to Applications 

Describes how Entity Administrators assign and reassign entity users to applications within JustGrants. 

Remove Additional Application Submitter Roles 

Shows how to delete multiple Application Submitter roles (i.e. Application Submitters 2 and 3). 

Assign/Reassign Entity Users to Awards

Demonstrates how Entity Administrators assign and reassign entity users to awards within JustGrants. 

The Entity Profile is a screen in JustGrants that presents an entity's critical identifying information. It's imperative that the Entity Administrator be familiar with this information, including entity name(s), alphanumeric identifiers, SAM.gov registration status, and current address. Most of the information displayed in this screen is pulled from SAM.gov, the federal government's "source of truth" for entity information. There are some fields in the entity profile that must be selected by the Entity Administrator.  

Managing Entity Profile Data

  • Outlines how the Entity Administrator updates the entity profile information. 

Related Resources

JustGrants enables Entity Administrators to store and share key entity documents, allowing its entity users and DOJ staff to reference the most up to date entity documents in one centralized location.

Maintaining Entity Documents in JustGrants 

Instructs the Entity Administrators how to upload and remove documents in the Entity Documents section.



JustGrants Entity Administrator's Checklist

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Entity Management Job Aid Reference Guide

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