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Training: Virtual Q&A Sessions


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The JustGrants team facilitates weekly Virtual Q&A sessions, an opportunity to receive direct technical assistance and support on JustGrants system functionality. Sessions focus on Entity Management and Post-Award Management for DOJ award recipients. This month, we are also hosting sessions on Award Acceptance for DOJ award recipients.

The topics covered in each session and session times are noted below.

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Session Topic


Session Registration

Entity Management

Key Audience: Entity Administrators

  • General JustGrants navigation
  • First-time user access
  • Adding users and how to confirm that an account was successfully created
  • Assigning users’ roles to awards
  • Reassigning users or adding new users to an entity
  • Attendee questions about how to complete actions within JustGrants

Every Tuesday from 2:00-3:00 p.m. ET.

Click the link to register for the session you wish to attend:

Post-Award Management

Key Audience: Grant Award Administrators, Entity Administrators, Financial Managers

  • Completing and submitting Grant Award Modifications (GAM)
  • Performance and financial reports
    • Locating reports in JustGrants
    • Completing and submitting reports
    • Reopening and editing financial reports
  • Submitting closeouts
  • Attendee questions about how to complete actions within JustGrants

Every Monday from 1:00-2:00 p.m. ET.

Click the link to register for the session you wish to attend:


Award Acceptance

Key Audience: Entity Administrators, Authorized Representatives

  • Determining when award acceptance occurs
  • Identifying which roles are involved in the award acceptance process
  • A demonstration of the process of accepting or declining an award
  • Common problems when accepting or declining an award, and how to mitigate them
  • Attendee questions about award acceptance

Every Thursday from 2:00-3:00 p.m. ET.

Click the link to register for the session you wish to attend:

A few points about these sessions:

  • Register Early! The number of participants in each session will be limited to 350 participants to allow the JustGrants team the opportunity to respond to questions.
  • Each Virtual Q&A session will be live captioned.
  • Feel free to drop into and out of the sessions; it is not necessary to attend the entire session. 
  • Each session will include time focused on providing technical assistance, demonstrations and addressing user questions. Please have the Information Needed To Troubleshoot Issues readily available in order for the JustGrants team to assist you.
  • You may attend a particular topic-specific session more than once so that you can ask related questions as they arise.

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Access Prior Virtual Q&A Session Content

Watch and review the PowerPoint presentation and Webex recording to learn more about what was presented and discussed during the Entity Management Virtual Q&A sessions.

View the Presentation
View the Recording

A collection of training resources are available for JustGrants users. Training materials include self-guided eLearning videos, which are supplemented by job aid reference guides, checklists,  and infographics. These resources will help users learn to navigate the system effectively and complete various essential grants management tasks.

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