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Training: Award Acceptance


Key Audience: Authorized Representatives, Entity Administrator

Once an entity is notified of an award, there are two steps that users take to either accept or decline the award in JustGrants. The following training and resource materials walk through the steps that the Entity Administrator and Authorized Representative take to complete this action. 

Award Acceptance Overview 

  • Outlines which entity users are required to take actions and when during award acceptance. 

Award Acceptance Key Points

  • Summarizes the critical role of the Entity Administrator and Authorized Representative. 

Award Acceptance Key Points (COPS Office Awards) 

  • COPS awards require two Authorized Representatives assigned to each award; both required to accept the award. This section summarizes their key tasks. 

Award Acceptance Video

This video is for those JustGrants users with Entity Administrator or Authorized Representative roles and covers the following topics:

  • Determining when award acceptance occurs
  • Identifying which roles are involved in the award acceptance process
  • A demonstration of the process of accepting or declining an award
  • Common problems when accepting or declining an award, and how to mitigate them
  • Attendee questions about award acceptance
Award Acceptance Virtual Q&A
Training Video: JustGrants Grantee Award Acceptance; Video run time: 38 min. 41 sec
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Assigning Contributors

  • Demonstrates how the Entity Administrator assigns contributors, or entity users, to an award. 

Accept or Decline Award

  • Provides steps required for the Authorized Representative to accept or decline an award.  

The following provides further clarification, definitions, and visual representations of processes and information.


Award Acceptance Job Aid Reference Guide


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