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Training: Performance Reporting


Updated DOJ Guidance on Performance and Financial Reporting Requirements – April 21, 2021

Please review this communication to our award recipient community with updated guidance and important information about Progress Reporting and Federal Financial Reports (FFR) deadlines.

Key Audience: Grant Award Administrator

The following training materials cover the process for submitting performance reports that originate in JustGrants and those that are from legacy systems.

The following eLearning video will help Grant Award Administrators:

  • Locate a Performance Report
  • Complete the necessary steps and requirements to submit a Performance Report
  • Attach a Performance Report originating from a legacy system
  • Understand reporting periods and due dates


In this eLearning video, learn how to:

  • Locate performance reports.
  • Complete and submit performance reports.
Training Video: JustGrants Performance Reporting; Video run time: 5:38 min.

The following Infographic provides a high-level view of performance reporting in JustGrants.