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Training: Performance Reporting


Key Audience: Grant Award Administrator

Addressing Performance Management in JustGrants

The goal for performance management in JustGrants is to create reporting functionality that allows for –

  • Data collection to occur in one location;
  • Progress reporting to be collected in tandem with performance data for effective program review and management; and
  • Enhanced capabilities to access and use performance data.

The roll-out of performance management features in JustGrants will happen in two phases. For the first phase was implemented on October 15, 2020. Here’s a look at how performance are reported in the first phase:

For the COPS Office and OVW award recipients:

  • Performance reporting (formerly known as progress reports) will be available in JustGrants for the next required reporting period.

For OJP award recipients, some performance management and subrecipient reporting capabilities that are currently performed in the OJP Performance Management Tool (PMT) will not be fully functional in JustGrants with the initial October release. Until JustGrants can fully support all performance management and subrecipient capabilities, the following guidance is now in place:

  • For OJP awards that strictly used the Grants Management System (GMS) for performance measure data collection and progress reporting (now called performance reporting in JustGrants), those awards will use the JustGrants performance reporting functionality.
  • For OJP awards that use PMT for performance measure data collection, PMT will continue to be used until JustGrants can fully support all performance management functionality. However, required semi-annual or annual roll-up reports (that were previously submitted in GMS) will be submitted in JustGrants in accordance with the reporting frequency established for the award.
  • Regarding OJP’s BJA Technical Assistance Reporting (TTARP) tool, grantees that report in this system will continue to report in TTARP until JustGrants can fully support all training and technical assistance reporting capabilities.
  • Regarding OJP’s OJJDP Compliance Monitoring Tool (CMT), grantees that report in this system will continue to report in CMT until JustGrants can fully support all compliance monitoring capabilities.

Our goal for the second phase is to have all performance reporting occur in JustGrants. 


The following training materials cover the process for submitting performance reports that originate in JustGrants and those that are from legacy systems.

In this eLearning video, Grant Award Administrators will learn how to –

  • locate performance reports;
  • complete and submit performance reports;
  • attach a Performance report originating from a legacy system; and
  • understand reporting periods and due dates.
Training Video: JustGrants Performance Reporting; Video run time: 5:38 min.

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