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Training: Application Submission


Key Audience: JustGrants Application Submitter, Entity Administrator

Applicants applying for Department of Justice (DOJ) funding opportunities may review the e-Learning videos, a job aid reference guide, a DOJ Application Checklist and other resources to learn more about how to successfully navigate the application process. Applicants must begin the application process within Grants.gov. After applying in Grants.gov, the application information and forms will be transferred to JustGrants and will automatically appear when you access your application in JustGrants.

The eLearning videos and other learning resources explain— 

  • steps to take prior to applying for funding;
  • how to find open DOJ funding opportunities in Grants.gov;
  • how to apply for funding using JustGrants;
  • the JustGrants roles and their responsibilities and required actions;
  • how to navigate and use JustGrants to—
    • submit your application,
    • locate an application,
    • complete the Proposal Abstract and Proposal Narrative,
    • complete the Budget Detail Form,
    • upload attachments, and
    • review, certify and submit an application; and
  • where to find additional training materials, job aids and other resources.


Selecting the title of a training video will expand the section.

Learn how to locate a submitted application.

Training Video: JustGrants Application Submission: Locating an Application; Video run time 2:26 min.

Learn how to submit an application.

Training Video: JustGrants Application Submission: Submitting an Application; Video run time 6:40 min.

Learn how to complete a Budget Detail Form.

Training Video: JustGrants Application Submission: Completing a Budget Detail Form; Video run time 3:44 min.

The DOJ Application Submission Checklist covers all necessary steps to complete the two-part application process in Grants.gov and JustGrants. The checklist includes information on—

  • how to prepare to apply;
  • completing the abbreviated application in Grants.gov
  • Entity onboarding and JustGrants access;
  • the JustGrants onboarding process;
  • completing, reviewing, certifying and submitting your application in JustGrants; and
  • helpful user tips.

As a supplement to the self-guided training materials, access the presentation slide deck from the “Application Mechanics: Submitting an Application” webinars the JustGrants team hosted in February through April 2021. You can also refer to the two virtual Q&A sessions on Application Submission and Award Acceptance the JustGrants team hosted in October 2020. The session presentations, recordings and FAQs are available on the Virtual Q&A Sessions page.