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Overview of the Entity Management Process

Learn how Entity Administrators manage their entity profiles, users their roles – including the four Equal Employment Opportunity Program (EEOP) user roles, and entity documents. This video will cover the processes of initially onboarding the entity during application submission including information about how JustGrants uses data you provide to other federal systems as well as entity management specifics such as entity user management in JustGrants and in the Digital Identity and Access Management Directory or DIAMD system. It will also detail the process for managing planned and unplanned changes to the Entity Administrator role and discuss where to go for resources and assistance as you navigate SAM.gov, DIAMD, and JustGrants.

  • 1:26 Overview
  • 4:27 User Roles
  • 9:54 Initial Onboarding
  • 15:09 Entity User Management
  • 18:33 Entity User Management: DIAMD (overview and tasks)
  • 34:36 Entity User Management: JustGrants (overview and tasks)
  • 41:31: Managing Entity Profile
  • 43:03: Managing Entity Documents
  • 45:11 Resources
Date Published: September 15, 2023