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Award management resources

JustGrants Application Mechanics: Submitting an Application Training

April 2022

JustGrants is the U.S. Department of Justice’s grants management system. The JustGrants team is offering a recurring “Application Mechanics: Submitting an Application” webinar to provide targeted assistance to potential applicants applying for DOJ funding opportunities. This webinar’s targeted audience includes individuals with Entity Administrator, Application Submitter and/or Authorized Representative(s) in JustGrants. The webinar covers the following topics:

  • Preparing to apply
  • Completing the abbreviated application in Grants.gov
  • Entity onboarding and JustGrants access
  • JustGrants roles and responsibilities
  • Assigning users’ roles to applications
  • Completing, reviewing, certifying and submitting a JustGrants application
  • Attendee questions about application submission

Video run time: 1 hour 24 min. 46 sec. View the Presentation.

JustGrants Award Acceptance Virtual Q&A Session

April 2022

This Virtual Q&A Session is targeted to those JustGrants users with Entity Administrator or Authorized Representative roles and covers the following topics:

  • Determining when award acceptance occurs
  • Identifying which roles are involved in the award acceptance process
  • A demonstration of the process of accepting or declining an award
  • Common problems when accepting or declining an award, and how to mitigate them
  • Attendee questions about award acceptance

Video run time: 38 min. 41 sec. View the Presentation.

JustGrants Entity Management Virtual Q&A Session

April 2021

The Entity Management Virtual Q&A Session covered the following topics:

  • General JustGrants navigation
  • First-time user access
  • Adding users and how to confirm that an account was successfully created
  • Assigning users’ roles to awards
  • Reassigning users or adding new users to an entity
  • Attendee questions on how to complete actions within JustGrants

Video run time: 1 hour 01 min. 11 sec View the Presentation.

Resources for Using the System for Award Management (SAM.gov)

SAM.gov Entity Validation Update

GSA implemented a new process to validate an entity’s legal business name and physical address when requesting a Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) and for completing a SAM.gov entity registration. Due to a high volume of requests, entity validations are taking longer than expected to process. This validation process is now taking 7-10 business days, and in some cases longer.

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Grants.gov Applicant Management Roles

Applicant Management Roles in the Grants.gov system include two types of user roles: core roles and custom roles. Privileges for the three core roles cannot be modified. The E-Biz POC or a user with the Expanded Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) role can assign roles in the Grants.gov system. Core roles are:

Creating and assigning custom roles are useful when the core roles do not meet an entity’s grant workflow needs. Custom roles can be created with a unique name and assigned a custom set of privileges.

Automated Tags

Federal Financial Report (FFR)

A Federal Financial Report (FFR) is submitted by a Financial Manager. The JustGrants web-based form collects FFR information and communicates it to the Entity Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP) account. FFRs may be submitted 10 calendar days or less from a reporting period end date until the due date and must be submitted in sequential order. To enforce FFR compliance, JustGrants collects the FFR and communicates with the ASAP account and will lock out a grantee if they have a delinquent submission. Final FFRs are submitted within 90 days after the project period end date.

ASAP Account Enrollment

Entities must complete Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP) Account Enrollment in order to manage their award. The enrollment process starts when the POC receives the enrollment invitation in the form of two emails with credentials to login to ISIM. After changing the password, completing security questions, and accepting the ASAP terms, the POC logs in to ASAP.gov with their new password and assigns all user roles. The POC can fill all of the roles, assign multiple roles to one person, or assign each role to a different person. The Head of Organization (HOO) approves the user roles. The Financial Official (FO) enters banking data for receiving payments. The Authorizing Official (AO) adds the entity short name and Payment Requestor information. Once the banking validation occurs, the federal agency creates the account, authorizes funding, and sends notification that the account has been created.

Application Submission Process

The Application Submission portion of the Grants Lifecycle involves completing and submitting web-based forms as well as the attachments that are required from the published solicitation. Applicants have two application submission deadlines: one for Grants.gov and one for JustGrants. 

Application Submission is a two-part process. First, an applicant must complete an abbreviated application in Grants.gov. Upon validation and successful submission in Grants.gov, the applicant will receive confirmation emails from Grants.gov. Next, the application is “ingested” into JustGrants. Once JustGrants receives the abbreviated application from Grants.gov, the applicant will receive notifications to log in, onboard critical users, and complete the more detailed application. After an application is successfully submitted in JustGrants, it will move forward for application review and award consideration. 

Application Period

The Application Period is detailed in the funding opportunity announcement (FOA), also known as the solicitation document. The application deadlines are designated by the grant-making agency for submission of the grant application to Grants.gov and JustGrants.  A grace period may be created at the grant-making agency's discretion to extend the application submission period.

Automated Tags