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JustGrants Entity Management Virtual Q&A Session

April 2021

The Entity Management Virtual Q&A Session covered the following topics:

  • General JustGrants navigation
  • First-time user access
  • Adding users and how to confirm that an account was successfully created
  • Assigning users’ roles to awards
  • Reassigning users or adding new users to an entity
  • Attendee questions on how to complete actions within JustGrants

Video run time: 1 hour 01 min. 11 sec View the Presentation.

Entity User Roles

There are six foundational roles created to ensure JustGrants Entity Users have the authority and ability to carry out specific requirements and tasks:

The JustGrants Entity User Roles Matrix illustrates the scope of the six foundational roles to help determine who should be JustGrants users in your Entity and which roles those users should possess.


Entity is the JustGrants terminology for DOJ award recipient organizations. Entities have several identifiers: Legal name, “Doing Business As” (DBA) name, and one or more numeric or alpha-numeric identifiers.

Manual Tags


Roles determine the access a user is granted in a system.


  • For an overview of the six foundational roles in JustGrants, view term Entity User Roles.
  • In JustGrants, users may be granted multiple entity user roles depending on the tasks they perform.


  • For an overview of user roles in ASAP, view term ASAP User Roles.
  • In ASAP, the POC can fill all of the roles, assign multiple roles to one person, or assign each role to a different person.


For a list of user role terms for JustGrants, ASAP, and Grants.gov enter search criteria title: Role.

Entity Administrator (EA) Role

Entity Administrator (EA) is one of the six foundational JustGrants entity user roles. The Entity Administrator confirms information contained in the Entity Profile is current, manages entity users, including user assignments in DIAMD, and specific application and award-level assignments in JustGrants. This user role, has sole authority to invite new users to JustGrants, assign roles, remove users, remove roles, reassign applications and awards, and change the Entity Administrator for the organization.

Automated Tags

Training: Virtual Q&A Sessions

Register for Upcoming Virtual Q&A and Training Sessions

The JustGrants team facilitates weekly sessions providing an opportunity for users to receive topic-specific training, direct technical assistance and support on JustGrants system functionality.

The JustGrants team hosts four sessions:

  • Post-Award Management Virtual Q&A
  • Entity Management Virtual Q&A
  • Application Mechanics: Submitting an Application Training 
  • Award Acceptance Virtual Q&A

The topics covered in each session and session times...

Entity Management

August 2020

This training video describes how Entity Administrators manage their entity's profile, users, and documents in JustGrants. Entity Administrators are the gatekeepers for their entity. Video run time: 5 min. 32 sec.

Frequently Asked Questions

View answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Justice Grants System (JustGrants), Grants.gov, System for Award Management (SAM), and the Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP). This page will be updated regularly as new information becomes available.