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Head of organization (HOO)

ASAP Account Enrollment

Entities must complete Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP) Account Enrollment in order to manage their award. The enrollment process starts when the POC receives the enrollment invitation in the form of two emails with credentials to login to ISIM. After changing the password, completing security questions, and accepting the ASAP terms, the POC logs in to ASAP.gov with their new password and assigns all user roles. The POC can fill all of the roles, assign multiple roles to one person, or assign each role to a different person. The Head of Organization (HOO) approves the user roles. The Financial Official (FO) enters banking data for receiving payments. The Authorizing Official (AO) adds the entity short name and Payment Requestor information. Once the banking validation occurs, the federal agency creates the account, authorizes funding, and sends notification that the account has been created.