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Budget modification GAM

Budget Modification GAM (Grant Award Modification)

A Budget Modification GAM is a type of Financial GAM used to add program income. Each budget category can be updated and once the updated amount is entered, JustGrants will calculate the requested changes. You can add, subtract, or edit the category totals. The Revised Budget column can never be negative, and the Federal Award Amount cannot be edited. Federal Funds Amount + Match Amount + Program Income Amount must equal Total Project Costs.

Grant Award Modification (GAM)

A Grant Award Modification (GAM) is a request for a modification to a key element of a funded award. Most GAMs can be initiated by the grantee’s Grant Award Administrator or the Alternate Grant Award Administrator but must be approved by DOJ personnel. Types of GAMS:

Training: Grant Award Modifications

Key Audience: Grant Award Administrator

The purpose of a Grant Award Modification (GAM) is to update award details, modifying key facts or details about the award. JustGrants focuses on true modifications to an award and in the following training materials, a Grant Award Administrator will learn how to create the three types of GAMs – Project Period Extension, Programmatic, and Financial.

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